Silver Ring Thing

Silver Ring Thing is a radical response to culture's casual view of intimacy and relationships.  This is a challenge to live bold and set apart from the celebration of immorality all around us.  SRT defies the meet-up, hook-up, break-up mindset of today and inspires students to a pure life centered in Jesus Christ.

  This 2.5-hour stage performance incorporates high energy music, videos, skits, special affects, and comedy delivered in a concert-style approach with which teenagers can respond and relate. The event is presented by a team of peer-level students serving as role models and examples of the power and freedom in living out this calling.  Their message is one of hope, boldness, and truth that's jam-packed with powerful speaking and personal testimonies. The program also proclaims the grace-filled message of the Gospel, going way beyond a call to abstinence to full life in Jesus Christ!

Following the event, students who make a commitment to purity may wear a SRT ring as a symbol and reminder of their decision. They are connected to local churches for ongoing discipleship and growth while also being equipped through follow-up emails, text messages and devotional guides from SRT. This event is designed for teenagers but is also relevant to college and young adult ages. A parent's session is also held at each event to educate parents about what is happening in today's youth culture and how they can encourage and support their child's commitment to wait.

BARE ESSENTIALS is a DVD-interactive abstinence program for students with accompanying parent’s program. It uncovers the core principles, the 'essentials', of not just making but keeping a commitment to wait until marriage.  The Bare Essentials Student Program contains four sessions that lead students through topics including 'Dealing with Temptation', 'How Far is Too Far', 'What Happens if I Mess Up', and 'How to Give God Control'. Each session is presented via video (37mins each) as participants interact using their Bare Essentials Student Guide. The program digs deep into Scripture and discussion questions related to each topic.

The Silver Ring Thing program was created in 1995 by Denny and Amy Pattyn as a response to the escalating numbers of teen pregnancies in Yuma, Arizona, and was moved to Pittsburgh, PA in 2000. Since that time, SRT has hosted more than 1,100 events in 9 countries, reaching 635,000+ total attendees. Of this number, more than 235,000 students have received rings as a symbol of their commitment to remain pure and abstain from sex until marriage. From it's inception, SRT has recognized that behavior change comes through heart change- that the guilt and pain of sexual immorality presents an open door for the Gospel. To date, more than 1
19,000 students have received Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior through SRT events worldwide!!

 "to create a culture shift in America where abstinence becomes the norm again rather than the exception."

 "to partner in communities with local churches, pregnancy centers, Christian schools and leaders through transformational events and resources which inspire, educate, and support young people to embrace a lifestyle of Christ-centered sexual abstinence until marriage.”